Real Stories


Student: Alice Fogarty (June/July 2014)
“Emily Arowosaye, the instructor, was very good and knowledgeable. She made everyone very comfortable and made it a very positive experience.
I liked the book being used and the nursing home. The people at the nursing home were really nice.
Our group of students became very close. The age difference between some of the students and I didn’t matter, and none of us ever felt like we couldn’t talk to each other.
Financial options set up by the school were very helpful and easy to manage.”

Student: Mala Ramrakha (October 2013)
“I currently have my  CNA license and this course couldn’t have prepared me more.
The schedule was great. I liked going to the nursing home and having one on one training with the Instructor. Meeting the people at the nursing home was a great experience.
I wouldn’t want the school to change anything because everything ran smoothly and I will gladly recommend this school without a doubt.
The overall service of the school was great and the instructor was awesome and very involved. Our group always worked together and I couldn’t ask for better peers.”



Student: Evangelina Rivera (August 2013)
“After successfully getting my Associates in Business Management, I wanted to challenge myself and enter a completely different field. I chose CNA because it is a fast path towards a new career.
The instructor, Edna Fameux, was very helpful and understanding. She really meant business, which is what I loved about her.
Being back on track and challenging myself in such little time to this certificate was wonderful. I wouldn’t have made a better decision than this one.
Only thing I ever wanted to change from the school has already been changed. And that was being able to have a part time schedule. But I’m really glad I receive this Certificate the way I did it.”

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