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Morning Classes

CPR/Basic Life Support (BLS)      8/17/2021 

Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA)  8/14/2021

Evening Classes      

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)   9/20/2021 

Phlebotomy & EKG       8/12/2021 

Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA)  8/16/2021





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Welcome to Health Professional Institute

The perfect opportunity for a rewarding, career in the growing field of health care awaits you at Health Professional Institute. We look forward to working with individuals who are willing and interested in learning about this ever-expanding field of service. As a continuing education provider, HPI is a New Jersey-based establishment dedicated to fostering and schooling the next generation of care-giving professionals.


Health Professional Institute offers:

  • AFFORDABLE TUITION , less costly than most programs
  • Affordable PAYMENT PLANS
  • LOW reservation fee
  • State tuition assistance for the UNEMPLOYED
  • PRICING INCLUDES books, uniforms, IDs (as needed), some medical tests
  • CARING faculty and staff
  • SMALLER CLASSES with appreciable student to instructor ratio
  • SCHEDULE OPTIONS that include week-nights and week-ends
  • LIBERAL, free class repeats as necessary


Affordable opportunity with a variety of secure & satisfying benefits

Our comprehensive training program equips our students with the latest skills and knowledge required to meet the needs and challenges of the professional health care environment. Our students receive valuable hands-on experience both practical and beneficial to their marketable skills in today’s workforce. We are especially pleased to provide our students a cost effective, flexible and convenient alternative to college.

Our all-inclusive set of courses is designed by our responsive staff of health care educators, combining their experience as professionals. The program is reflective of the current needs and trends in the healthcare industry ensuring our students graduate ready to step into the field of their choice. In as little as three weeks, our students emerge qualified for a fulfilling career in healthcare.




Health Professional Institute was created with the goal of providing a world-class technical foundation for continuing education students. We are dedicated to our HPI students as well as the field of healthcare. For this reason we provide a curriculum that will both prepare and qualify our students to confidently and professionally contribute their knowledge and experience to the social fabric of New Jersey and beyond.

Our faculty brings years of experience, training, and passion to the classroom. Coupled with our responsiveness to industry trends, this dynamic professional interchange lays the foundation for a substantial and practical education in a field that provides opportunity and security to anyone willing and interested.

Natalia Burkovskiy, Director

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