Certified Home Health Aide

As a Home Healthcare aide your responsibilities will cover a wide range of duties. Overall, you will have the opportunity to provide a positive and uplifting atmosphere for what might otherwise be a difficult situation for your patient. Individuals who are successful in this profession find it fulfilling to help those struggling with everyday activities, and help ease the burden of health complications.

Your duties will require you to communicate effectively with other healthcare professionals and service people. You may have interaction with the patient’s family members.

How does a CHHA differ from a CNA?

As a Certified Home Health Aide you will only be able to provide in-home care while a CNA may also work in assisted living and medical facilities.

CHHA certification requires a school test to qualify whereas a CNA must pass a state exam. Many CNAs eventually pursue the additional hours for CHHA in order to improve employment opportunities.

Of further assistance to both CNA and CHHA professionals is the completion of the Medical Aide course which allows both to administer medication without supervision.


Your duties will include :

• Observing general health conditions
• Keeping a daily record of health related issues ( which need to be shared with other care providers and family)
• Assisting with medical equipment
• Observing or assisting with medications
• Taking the patient’s temperature, blood pressure and pulse.
• Assisting with lifting, positioning and other mobility concerns

Additional, non-medical responsibilities, aside from companionship, may include:

• Assisting in light household duties: bed making, laundry, etc.
• Helping dress and groom the patient
• Transporting and accompanying the patient to doctor office visits
• Reading aloud to the patient and/or playing board and card games
• Encouraging the patient to exercise especially in the cases of physical therapy
• Accompanying the patient on simple outings
• Maintaining a safe and healthy environment in the patients home
• Helping the patient (and family members) adapt to disabilities and long term care needs
• Shopping for groceries and running errands
• Preparing meals

Employment Opportunities

Home healthcare agencies are continually hiring qualified CHH Aides. As the senior population rises in this country, the demands for in-home health care assistance increases. Any trained individual who seeks long term employment in this field will not be disappointed with the numerous opportunities made available to them. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 48% growth rate for home health aides between 2012 and 2022. This is much faster than the average for all occupations.

Once the final exam for CHHA is taken, there is a 120 day waiting period during which the Board of Nursing reviews test results. A background check is then requested.

Students may work as a CHHA without license for any Home Health Aide Agency during this waiting period.

Certified Health Aide is an excellent job for people who need flexible hours, particularly mothers with school age children, and also college students looking to make an extra income. Especially those who are considering medical careers.

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